The Angel's Intuition

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Fresh off their horror trip to Japan, our three heroes are back in the US, with a new member in tow! Blake, the guardian of the forest in Japan, now has to find some way to adjust to life surrounded by more people than he’s ever seen in his life, in a world so much more advanced than when he left it.

But he’s not the only one that has to adjust, Sophia, Mark, and Jessica are all dealing with their newfound knowledge in their own ways, some of them more suspicious of Blake than others. They would honestly prefer to just focus on worrying about University and saying their goodbyes to their hometown, but things seldom ever work out the way you plan.

When Sophia starts getting visions again, she knows exactly what they are leading her towards, but is she ready for another adventure? Can her friends hope to survive being put through the wringer again? And for the love of God, will she ever get an uninterrupted night of sleep ever again?

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