The Angel's Memories

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Back from the Bayou, now they’re shipping off to Boston!

After their thrilling adventure last time, our four heroes are trying to find some normality in their lives, to actually enjoy their last weeks together before they move away for college.

But this is easier said than done for one of them, given that he doesn’t even have a normal life to go back to. Blake needs to know more about who he is and where he came from, there is no life for him until he can find that out, but how could he possibly know what to look for when he doesn’t even know his last name?

Well memory can lead you to many things in the strangest of ways, and the blurred memory of a house from many years ago could lead him to what he desires. Only one problem: he doesn’t know where the house is.

That’s only a mere trifle for them though, what’s finding one house in a state when you’ve gone up against cult members after all? The only question is, are they prepared for what they will find if they can find what they’re looking for?

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