The Angel's Origins (Prequel To Angel Ascension Paranormal Romance Series)

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The Exciting Prequel To The Angel Ascension Series!

Blake wasn’t born in the forest, he hadn’t been abandoned at birth and forced to fend for himself since the very day that he’d been born. Once he had been a child, in the care of others and trying his best to learn how to be a child.

But his life before was far from perfect, and sinister in more ways than one. What was the story with the facility? Why were there so many tests being done on him? Why was he dreaming of things going bump in the night, and why was he the thing going bump more often than not.

But perhaps most importantly, why wasn’t he the only one having those dreams?

There are many questions that Blake needs to be answered in his life now, but in time he may find that the answers have been eluding him since the day he was born.

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