The Immortal's Betrayal (Book 5)

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Why did she leave?

She betrayed us. She was a Calder from the very start.

With Tessa abandoning him, Kristian can’t stop thinking about her, but his clan needs him. The vampires need to rebuild their numbers and he must be there for must his family. But when word comes that the vampires know where Tessa is, Kristian is forced to make a decision?

Remain with his clan or leave his family to chase after the one that shattered his heart?

Tessa’s decision to leave the vampires will have everlasting effects on the alliance. She may be torn with her decision, but she had to do it, right? But what about the man whose heart she broke? Will he ever forgive her?

Don’t miss out on the Immortal’s Betrayal which is the fifth installment of the Calder Witch Series by Martha Woods. If you like strong female protagonists, alpha males and deadly consequences than this vampire and witch paranormal romance will have you turning the pages all night long.

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