The Immortal's Kiss (Book 1)

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A run-away psychic. 
A blood-thirsty vampire. 
And an ancient prophecy that threatens to unleash the power of the Calder.
Tessa’s can see into the future. She is a psychic who works as a fortune teller in a traveling circus. 
Tessa has told the fortune of many unworldly folks, but never of a 1000-year old vampire. 
What she sees this time will have her shuddering in absolute fear and running for the hills. 
This time Tessa's visions won’t be enough to save herself, as now she is the target of a supernatural force.
This time, she must enlist the help of a blood-sucking monster if she wants to live.
But who is he, really? 
What was so shocking that Tessa is running to the aid of a vampire?
And was it really fate that crossed their paths, or something much much more sinister?
The book has a wonderful "push and pull" that has you giggling like a school girl and dreaming of a Tall, Dark, Mr. Handsome,  and then cussing like a sailor and wanting to scream at his adversaries the next. It's outstanding!"
  ~ Amazon Reviewer 

If you love young adult fantasy filled to the brim with supernatural creatures, mystifying magic, spine-tingling adventure, heart-stopping danger, heartbreaking angst, and heartwarming romance, then you will love the Dawn of the Vampires Series!

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