The Dragon's Betrayal (Book 4)

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After a seemingly endless reign of tyranny, the Dark Ones have fallen. Defeated by that far nobler race of dragon shifters, known as the Protectors.

But though the battle may be over, the war has only just begun...

Iammarth has been living on his own since the Dark Ones fell. Formally aligned with the conquerors, but haunted by his past, and unsure whether he might ever find a way to make up for his former sins.

A former warrior for the Dark Ones, his sympathy was never truly with their cause. He did only what he needed to survive. He fought for them, but never killed. And secretly he prayed for the day that the Protectors returned at last. Freeing him from the bondage of leading a double life. Fighting for evil, while his heart remained on the side of freedom, justice, and peace among all races– human and shifter alike.

He can't undo the mistakes he's made. The cowardice he's shown, which he believes with all his heart will forever remain a burden upon him.

A chance at redemption, however, comes in the form of the Dark One's new King, Ynder, who meets him in the forest one day, making a request of him that might at least get him started out on the path to absolution.

The Dark Ones, Ynder informs him, though disbanded, are still very much active, scattered across the countryside. There are rumors that numerous factions of them remain in existence, hoping, in time, to mount a comeback. Though it remains to be seen as yet how many of them are, and by what means they hope to retaliate against the Protectors for overthrowing the kingdom.

It is Iammarth's job, therefore, to seek out these hidden Dark Ones, and infiltrate their ranks. Find out what they're planning, and report back to the Protectors, in hopes of wiping out any rebellion before it ever has the chance to get underway.

Desperate to free himself of his past, Iammarth agrees, somewhat in spite of his better judgment.

Little does he know, however, or even expect just how drastically this mission is about to change his life forever.

For hidden away, deep within the forest some miles from the kingdom of the Protectors, a Dark One named Keya hides with her people. Waiting for the moment to strike, to fight back against the Protectors. As all the while, she remains inwardly conflicted. Despising humankind, and the sins they have committed against her and her people. Yet becoming more and more aware every day of the cruelty of the Dark Ones' radical methods, and unsure after all this time whether she's truly chosen the right path for her life.

She longs for clarity. For someone to show her the way. To help her make sense of her conflicted existence.

And when the double agent haunted by his past meets the Dark One haunted by her future, it's only a matter of time before their colliding worlds threaten to collapse, and threaten to take them both along on their way down... 

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