The Dragon's Legacy (Prologue to Dragon Prince Series)

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The Exciting Prequel To The Dragon Prince Series!

Journey back to the very beginning.

Once, so long ago, the human race lived in harmony with the dragonshifting race known as the Protectors. The two worked side by side, even bettering one another, the society of each strengthened by the existence of its opposite.

But that was then, and this is now.

So many years have passed since then, and so much has changed.

King Alza, the latest in a long line of Protector royalty, finds himself in the impossible position of fighting for the survival of his people, while also advocating for the rights of the very beings who threaten their existence.

Stretched to his limits, his subjects are nevertheless none too impressed.

A growing anti-human sentiment is spreading throughout the kingdom, a growing faction of dragonshifters known as the Dark Ones, led by a powerful anti-humanist known as Ryl, who seeks to overthrow the Protectors and take over all of dragonkind.

Alza and his men have done everything in their power to try and stop the Dark Ones from flourishing, but they prove to be like weeds. No matter how many of the traitors he imprisons, he cannot stop the spread of such dangerous ideas, and he fears that it may only be a matter of time before all out war is waged between dragons and humankind.

Between the constant stressed of the throne, and the difficulty of raising three young sons following the premature death of their mother, Alza's existence has come to feel anything but royal.

His entire life is about to change, however, when he finds himself literally colliding with a female of the human species– a woman named Melina, who spends most of her days as exhausted by the world as Alza himself.

A lawyer on behalf of the meek and the innocent, against corporations and massive government agencies with entire lawfirms at their beck and call, Melina works tirelessly in the fight to stand up for what's right.

One night, she's driving home from an excruciating day at the office, barely able to keep her eyes open. Out of nowhere, however, she finds herself suddenly thrown into the middle of a fight between Dark Ones and Protectors that has spilled out of the forest and onto the highway.

At the center of this battle is none other than King Alza himself. And after saving Melina's life, Alza shortly finds himself incapacitated, and in a moment of supreme courage– or else maybe stupidity– Melina takes it upon herself to rescue Alza, and take him back to her apartment where he'll be safe.

Once he awakens, Alza and Melina quickly find themselves passionately enamored with one another. Whenever they look into one another's eyes, it's as if they've suddenly found the absent parts of each of themselves.

But can a relationship between a dragonshifter and a human ever be anything more than a fantasy, especially in these dark times?

Or will their attempt at fulfilling the impossible put both of them, and their entire worlds, in terrible danger?

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