The Dragon's Redemption (Book 1)

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Have you ever tried to exist in a world that wasn’t yours?
Humongous, bat-like wings, a tail like that of the most powerful serpent, and the body of a dinosaur.
All wrapped up in one unbelievable package– a dragon, that most fearsome of mythical creatures, believed to be nothing but a rumor or, at the very least, disappeared so long from the annals of time that the very sight of it leaves her wondering if it's all a dream. 
And that's not even the strangest part of it...
For the creature overhead, racing through the air, dipping, and diving through the clouds, is not only a dragon. But a man. A Prince.
Prince Nol, of the disgraced dragon family known as The Protectors.
The youngest of three brothers, Nol begrudges his family's subservience at the hands of The Dark Ones– the dominant group of dragonshifters in the region, who stole away The Protectors' throne decades ago.
Between being treated like filth by the Dark Ones, and being forced to disguise his true identity from the humans that surround him, he feels trapped in a hopeless existence. It is thus, despite strict warnings from The Dark Ones not to risk human exposure to their world, that he goes out flying on the night in question– wholly unsuspecting of the consequences that will arise from the human with her camera pointed up at the sky, and the gravity of their two very different worlds colliding...
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