The Angel's Savior

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A trapped angel.

An unlikely romance.

And a catastrophic plot that could change the fate of the entire world…

Blake is the only thing standing between humans and a deadly evil. Exiled in his own prison he is trying not to let himself go any more insane than he already is. After years of isolation, Blake can feel his mind slipping away, but even he can still see the signs that something very wrong is about to occur. This time, he is the one who needs rescuing…

Sophia wasn’t typical high school student. She has always felt like there was more to life than just school, boyfriends and partying. Feeling like this will be her last chance to spend some quality time with her best friends before they split up for college, Sophia convinces them to go away on one last adventure with her. But what she finds will stun her sense of self, as she unravels an ancient family secret that will put her trivial plans for college on the backburner for good.

Join Blake and Sophia’s exhilarating adventure! If you love action-packed, heart-wrenching paranormal romance filled with powerful protagonists, then you’re going to love the Angel’s Savior!

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