The Blacksmith's Bride

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When Betsy Franklin gets off the mail coach in the Nebraska Territory town of Brimstone, she doesn’t know what to expect from the man she corresponded with and hopes to marry. When she finds Jed Wilcox waiting for her in front of the Brimstone Hotel, it’s love at first sight.

They decide to go straight to the church and get married before going home to his house. Little do they know disaster is about to strike that will change their lives forever and throw their happy future into jeopardy.

This quaint little frontier town hides more secrets than Betsy can handle, and only her fledgling love for Jed saves her from destruction. A greedy tycoon, a corrupt sheriff, and a spoiled dandy control the town with an iron fist.

They kill anyone who steps out of line, and they set their sights on Jed and Betsy. These powerful forces converge to tear them apart. Betsy must call on resources within herself she never knew she had to overcome overwhelming odds, but hidden friends come out of the woodwork to help her avert disaster.

Can she and Jed survive the next few days, or will all their hopes come crashing down around their ears?

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