The Dragon Lord's Temper

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Malek is angry and doesn't understand the world of humans.

He wants nothing more than to go back to his world, but he can't.

He and his brothers Phoenix, Zander, and Axel must make the best of it. Malek rages against the humans until a sweet hostess at the restaurant where they stop their first night to eat confronts them about their secret after Zander reveals himself as a dragon.

Julie is obsessed with dragons and when she learns that the strange handsome men who eat at her diner are dragons and that they are looking for mates, she becomes obsessed with becoming the mate of one of the dragons, she grows attracted to Zander, but his eyes are set on someone else, so the only one left is the hot-tempered barbarian, Malek, can she win him over and tame his wild ways?

Determined to show her he cares, he takes an interest in her love of collecting dragons and decides to win the one she'd been wanting for her, but he misunderstands the bidding and ends up losing it to another bidder.

Determined to get her the dragon, he sets out on a quest to find her one, but will she still be waiting when he returns?

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