The Immortal's Legacy (Book 6)

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As they say, everything happens for a reason.

So why has Kristian been turned into a human?

After an emotional talk with his sister Veronica, Kristian decides he wants to do something all ancient vampires yearned for—have a child.

Even though he and Tessa’s relationship had been nothing less than rocky, he knew that if he were to have a child with anyone, it needed to be her. Despite all they had gone through, he loved Tessa and wanted a child born into love. However, there was the obvious dilemma that Tessa was human.

Wagering with Benjamin for his freedom, they call on his help to find Calder witches that would be able to turn Tessa human so that they could have a child. When they meet with the witches, they are heeded with many warnings: it was too dangerous for Tessa to carry the child herself, the child would have to be carried by a witch, and like all things, there was a price to pay. Tessa would be cursed from turning human, and the curse would follow their child, and their children to come.

With heavy hearts, they proceed, recruiting Calla to be their surrogate, with the promise that she and Jared could have a child after they did. Taking all the safety precautions possible, Calla and Jared retreat to the Rocky Mountains, far away from newborn vampires as well as the Calder, and the witches who assisted are kept under close watch. For months, things go perfectly. The family is agleam with excitement for their new addition, soon to come. When suddenly, Calla goes into premature labor. The family scrambles to help—however, the witches who helped, are nowhere to be found. Panic is instantaneous. Everything is in the balance. Finding the witches could mean life and death for them all.

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